Friday, June 15, 2012

173. take note

Lots of paper and plastic today.

Today's items:
Do notepads breed? I kept one to go on the fridge when the current one's used up. These all went into the donation box along with some binder dividers and page protectors.

After looking around at what DVDs are going for on craigslist, I decided it wasn't worth even trying to sell these. They all went into the donation box since my library wanted the shells. Ah, well. Most of these were purchased really cheaply, but still... wasted money. I haven't bought a DVD in a very long time. I preferred getting them through Netflix so I could send them back. I rarely watch a movie more than once so there's no reason to keep these. I still have more to sort through, but here's about 40 out the door. =)

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