Sunday, June 17, 2012

175. not so pampered

A little more weight loss in the kitchen! =)

Today's items:
Tiny vases I never use. A creamer pitcher that came with a set from a thrift store - never used by me. A platter, also part of a set from a thrift store - also never used by me.

Ahhh, Pampered Chef. Once upon a time, I was a sucker for these kitchen gadgets. My friends were hosting parties and I felt obligated to buy something... and always opted for something inexpensive. Now, most (if not all) of these gadgets are working their way out of my house one at a time... or in pairs. lol Today it's a cheese slicer/knife - I don't eat dairy anymore - and a crinkle cutter. Did I think I was going to suddenly start getting all fancy with my veggies? Or start making crinkle cut french fries? I chuckled when I read the suggestions for use: "decoratively crinkle cut fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses or ice cream with this exclusive cutter." Meats? What kind of meats are people cutting with these things?! My knives work just fine in every instance I've ever come across (obviously since this is still new in its package). Into the box they went!


  1. We had a crinkle cutter too! My mom got a few types of them in the 80s when they were all the rage. Glad they're gone.

    1. I'd bet my mom has at least one hiding in her kitchen as well. Funny, I bought these cheap items to "support" my friends who were having these parties... I'd have been better off just handing them $5 and walking away. lol


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