Monday, June 18, 2012

176. toasty

Another productive weekend! Clutter-wise anyway. =)

My fabric stash makes me feel guilty every time I see it. I don't sew as often as my stash would have you believe. I have a ton of polar fleece, some leftover from Christmas scarves made years and years ago (late 90s, I believe!), some actually bought within the past decade. lol I've fallen out of love with polar fleece since finding out how bad it is for the environment. Not only is it plastic, but when you wash it, tiny bits are washed away and enter the water system where they are mistaken for food by teensy critters. I've mostly rid my wardrobe of synthetic fibers and already decided any new items coming in will be as natural as possible. Shoes might be interesting though since I won't buy any new leather either. Good thing I don't need anything right now. I have time to do some research. =)

I also started in on the crafty books! Their time had to come up eventually. I did a quick flip through the pattern books and any books that the majority of the patterns didn't grab my attention were brought out to the living room to be gone through more thoroughly and have those patterns scanned that I did want. I've gotten through at least half the stack so far and marked them as "for sale" on Ravelry. I'll be working on the rest this week.

When I just couldn't scan another page... I started in on the binders. Recipes. lol I have one binder left to sort through, but I'm finding that the majority of the pages can go straight to the recycle bin. =) I'll sort that last binder tonight so those can go out for recycling tomorrow morning, then I'll start scanning the recipes I do want to keep and will recycle those pages as well. It'll be so much easier to find recipes once they're scanned. And wow, that's a lot of weight heading out the door!

Today's items:
I made biscuits yesterday and realized I have two sets of biscuit cutters. I have these flimsy, mostly plastic ones as well as a set that are all-metal with fluted edges. I certainly don't need two sets so these went into the donation box.

Here's the fabric I culled! That's the bag from a thick & fluffy, queen-sized bedspread (that was previously donated!) and it's stuffed! Lots of polar fleece, but also some other synthetics I'd picked up as backdrops for photos while taking classes and a few general pieces of fabric I know I won't use. Nearly all the polar fleece went out and I now have one smaller bin of fabric that is almost all cotton. I plan to use the cotton fabric to sew up gift bags, bulk bin bags, and perhaps a few pillow cases. The full bag above is happily headed out the door.

And I sold a book! I actually made a decent amount on this one. =)

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $1,396


  1. I just bought that book a couple of months ago!

    1. That's funny. Hope you get more use from yours than I did from mine. One person's clutter... =)


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