Tuesday, June 19, 2012

177. shattered

I've been doing some rearranging. Now that the fabric stash has dwindled, I was able to move my knitting/crochet books that made the cut onto a shelf in the unit in the closet of my extra bedroom. Do you know what that means? I now have two nearly empty 6' tall bookcases to get rid of! For now, they're holding books I have listed on Amazon and a few other items I'm trying to (or planning to try to) sell on craigslist. That's the last of the large bookcases! And I'm still eyeing some of those books on the small shelf in my bedroom. lol I do believe their time is coming...

I also had an epiphany last night as I lay in bed trying to sleep. I need to start on the "baking" cabinet in my kitchen. I have a ridiculous number of shaped cake pans (think NordicWare) and rarely use them. I know there are WAY too many, but there are a few I'd rather not just give away. I've decided any holiday ones I decide to keep must fit in the holiday bins I limited myself to months ago - one larger one for Christmas and smaller ones for Autumn and Spring. =) So, if I can make room in those bins, I can keep the pans. If not... out they'll go! Added benefit of course being better organization. When holidays roll around, I can pull the appropriate bin out and everything I have will be in one place (and not taking up space in kitchen cabinets). If I'm not willing to give up other items in the bin to make room... I obviously don't want it that badly. =)

Today's items:
Yeah, so, this leaves me with exactly zero glasses. I had three when I moved in. These were cheap (obviously) and apparently had flaws in the glass since all three broke in a very similar pattern either while holding a cold beverage or when dunked in hot water to wash. It was only a matter of time before they all met the same fate. This was the last and every time I heard an ice cube crack, I checked the glass to be sure it was ice and not the glass. I wouldn't donate the glass and didn't really want to toss it in the trash before it broke, but it's now sitting at the curb waiting for garbage pick-up today and I'm perfectly happy to be left with a large mug and my stainless steel water bottle. =) The little plastic chicken measuring cup was a gift ages ago, has never been used and is now residing in the donation box in my Jeep.

A ton of paper went into the recycle bin this morning too. That's about a 5" stack there! And one of the binders with page protectors that went into the donation box. I still have scanning to do, but the majority of the recipes went straight to recycling. When I copied/tore out many of these recipes, I was still using eggs/dairy so a lot of them would need to be altered and I have plenty of vegan recipes to choose from without having to play with non-vegan recipes.

I also sold another DVD overnight! =)

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $1,399

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