Wednesday, June 20, 2012

178. making space

Turns out setting a spacial goal works well for me.

I pulled the Spring, Autumn and Christmas bins down, sorted through, decided which items were still worth the space and was able to fit the holiday baking pans I'd decided to keep in the bins. =) I'm loving the idea of having all holiday stuff together in one contained spot... and keeping it to only what can fit within that particular bin. I don't need loads of holiday decorations.

Today's items:
Two gifts I'd picked up on clearance. I don't know anyone with babies due around those times this year, so these are in the donation box. In the future, I'll knit or crochet something when I have a friend expecting a little miracle around the holidays. =) The penguin and reindeer (gift card holder) were gifts that I received. I have no intention of putting these out as "decoration" so they went too...

Two heavy glass cookie platters intended for holiday baking, but not used. They're bulky, they're heavy, they're gone. I really enjoy making up cookie (and other) mix jars around the holidays so that people can enjoy them after all the other baked goods have gone. It's nice getting a thank you a couple months later when someone has made up the cookies. =) A couple wooden ornaments joined the box... as did Reilly's old Halloween costumes. lol Yes, I dress up my dog for Halloween. =D He's already worn the lobster (he is mostly miniature pinscher) and the shark (my former vet called minpins land sharks!) and I can't see hauling them around since I don't plan to use them again. The fish was supposed to be part of a pair - he had the fish and Mugsy had the turtle... but Mugsy passed before Halloween last year. Mugsy's turtle costume was donated a few months ago. I kept the fish thinking I'd still use it for Reilly, but I just can't. Some other little dog can wear this with no bad memories attached for their owner. Reilly will be something else this year. =)

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