Saturday, June 23, 2012

181. merci

So, the past few days, I've been sorting the holiday stuff, making room in the bins for the holiday baking pans I wanted to keep. You know what? I'm rethinking that. Not the stuff I decided to let go... the stuff I decided to keep. I'm finding these urges more and more frequent of late. I think it's because reality is setting in and I know time is running out. Decisions need to be made. I did finally drag the furniture out that I've been meaning to sell. It's all in the living room now and hopefully will be going away soon. Wish me luck with craigslist!

The clothing that was in the small cabinet in my bedroom is now in the closet, which of course squeezed some things out of the drawers in there (things that needed to go anyway). 

Today's items:
That plastic dog? It's a giant PEZ dispenser. It will dispense either full packs of PEZ or these nasty dog biscuits that came with it. It was a gift... now it's gone. The little critter in the middle chatter-giggles when you jostle it. Another gift... cute, but it's time to pare back. The one on the bottom has a motion sensor and rolls over and I think it laughs. Someone told me how much their dog loved it. Reilly did not.

A small collection of picture frames I haven't used in forever (one was a gift I never used). All went into the donation box. More will soon be following...

3 books and a pattern calendar out the door and winging their way west to their new owner!

And a set of French vocabulary flash cards too, this time headed east. =)

Total from decluttering so far this year: $1,343

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