Tuesday, June 26, 2012

184. 6 months

I've passed the halfway mark. =)

My house looks completely different! So much lighter!! I'm actually curious sometimes how much lighter it actually is. lol The mental shift I've gone through over this time is truly a 180 degree shift. I've been getting rid of things I never thought I would... and it's been easy. Today is one of those days.

Remember back in May, I posted pictures of how far I'd decreased my number of books? Well, that was then... this is now:
This shelf is only 1' wide and just about 4' tall. That's all the keepers! I'm finishing up a book from the library right now, but then I'll dive into the ones on that top shelf. There's one I'm about halfway through and need to decide if I want to finish and a few others that should be quick reads and then they can go too. There are just a few photography books on the next shelf... then three shelves with knitting, crochet and other crafty books. The bottom shelf is all that's left of my physical cookbooks! A far cry from the overflowing 6' x 2.5' shelf where they started!! The knitting/crochet pattern books have been 

There are more books in the house that are up for sale in a couple different places, but in the event they don't sell... they'll be headed to the library to be donated.

Today's items:
They may only be on CD, but they were taking up space in a small binder I wanted to use for DVDs I'm keeping (for now) so I can get rid of the massive binder they're in currently. It's all about downsizing! I'm happy, the new owner is thrilled with the deal. It's all good. =)

And some mystery yarn is winging its way to a new owner in Florida. =)

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $1,593


  1. Wow! Great job culling the bookshelves - that really is impressive.
    I agree with you that everytime you declutter it gets easier to see more items that just are no longer needed or wanted. It's amazing what you think you can't part with one month only to sell it off the next month.
    I just went back through my clothing & culled close to 30 more items to list on eBay next month. Funny though, last month I just knew I would have worn them all by now.

    1. Thanks! Good job on the clothes. I spent some time condensing my holiday stuff and went from three bins... to ONE. =)

  2. I am SO impressed with your book shelves! That is definitely an area I struggle with.

    1. Having the iPad (kindle & nook apps, iBooks, PDFs) saves me. I'd rather buy digital these days. It seriously bums me out when I really want a book but it's not offered as an ebook! sheesh It's 2012 for crying out loud. lol


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