Wednesday, June 27, 2012

185. the brush off

There's a great new show on the History Channel, The United Stats of America. Currently, you can watch the most recent episode on their site right now about American ideas on personal space. Very interesting.

Today's items:
 I pulled out that box I stashed in the pantry at the end of May. I've taken a few items out of it the past few weeks, but not many. I figured after this amount of time, I'm pretty clear on what's actually getting used... and there was plenty left in that box.

 I've found I prefer my other wooden spoons/spatulas to these, so these have never gotten any use. I did use the adjustable measuring spoons for the past 6 mos or so, but they've gotten stained and just look nasty. I kept my stainless steel set. That's enough. =)

 Some other kitchen utensils I don't use, including the cookie dropper my mother sent at Christmas. Sure, scooping up drop cookie dough with this keeps your fingers clean... but so does using two regular spoons that I already have in my silverware drawer. =)

An apple slicer, a cheap pizza cutter, a candy thermometer and more miscellaneous items I don't need cluttering up my kitchen. I have two pairs of  hand-carved chopsticks I picked up in San Francisco so these mass market sticks can go.

That box in the pantry? It's empty. =)


  1. LOVE the idea of doing this. I know there is so much I could get rid of, but I keep thinking I'll use it.

    1. Try it! I was amazed at how much excess I had still. My utensil bucket is so much more roomy now. =)

  2. LOL, so funny that you kept the nice chopsticks & decluttered the cheap ones. I did the opposite. I found the hand-carved ones too slick & too petite for my liking so I sold off those & kept the cheapy mass-marketed ones that "fit" me better.

    1. Sometimes cheaper is better... although my hand-carved ones were pretty inexpensive too since they'd been marked down. =)


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