Thursday, June 28, 2012

186. what's your sign?

I've been busy this week, working on the craft room (officially no longer "storage" since there's really nothing left in there but craft- and photography-related items) and the kitchen. The holiday stuff has taken a big hit. You have to wait until tomorrow for that carnage though. Today, you get books!

Today's items:
The stack removed from the small shelf to make room for the crafty books... all heading out the door today.

 Along with a couple books sold on Amazon.

I sold the larger one above this morning and since it was so light, I was able to include these two smaller books without changing my shipping cost. These were too inexpensive to list individually and I'd planned to donate them to the library, but this way, they'll go to someone I know is interested and she'll get a nice little surprise in the mail with her purchase. =)

Total cash so far from decluttering this year: $1,607

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