Friday, June 29, 2012

187. oh holy clutter

It was time for another sort through the holiday decor!

Today's items:
I've been moving these around for at least 15 years. Cute? Yes. Annoying in that I've had to glue heads back on repeatedly? Also yes. lol I picked up a set of Peanuts characters dressed for a Nativity play (Snoopy's a sheep!) a couple years ago and since they're much less breakable (cat-friendly as well as easy to pack!), they're staying. I did keep the wooden stable, but these figures were wrapped and placed in the donation box... after using glue to reunite a couple "wise" men with their heads. =)

More Christmas clutter! A few ornaments, a couple hats, and a few other items. The candle holder is a nice one, sent from my sister ages ago. With kitties around though, I just don't have a good place to put it and it's fairly heavy and big, so he's looking for a new home.

Two big cookie pans. They're not heavy, but they are awkward to pack away and never did get used last year. They didn't make the cut...

Yep, the autumn box got a good sort as well.

Even the spring stuff got a spring cleaning... summer cleaning? Yes, there are also a few general kitchen items there. The drawers in my pantry got a good sort as well. Check back tomorrow!


  1. I took a trunk full of stuff to a local thrift store in town (one who's proceeds go to helping animals) anyways there's a sign on the front door saying they can no longer accept Christmas decor for fear of becoming a Christmas-only store.
    The lady who was helping me with my donations told me they have several PODS units slam full of holiday decor, not to mention what they have in their warehouse & are considering have a massive "lawn sale" as the Christmas holidays near in order to aleviate the huge back-log.
    Seems everyone is top-heavy with holiday decor.

    1. Oh, I can believe it! The last time I was at Goodwill, I spotted a light-up, plastic Jesus going in ahead of me. I've learned my lesson now. I don't need all this extra crap in order to celebrate a holiday, but if I ever do want something... I'll be sure to hit the thrift stores! =)

  2. .....a light-up plastic Jesus!?!!
    Let the hilarity ensue!

    1. I know! He had to be about 3' tall too, definitely a lawn ornament. lol


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