Saturday, June 30, 2012

188. condensed

This is what I had my holiday items down to:
That bottom 20-gal tote was all Christmas stuff, the two smaller bins held spring and autumn items.

This was the 6-drawer unit in my pantry...
full of all sorts of kitchen stuff that had so far made the cut. The bottom drawer held cookie cutters.

A few of those items were moved to the empty built-in drawers in the kitchen. Others found a new home in these bins:
That bottom bin now holds the majority of the holiday stuff I have left, including the nativity set. =) Storing this in the pantry seemed appropriate since a good portion of the items that made the cut are baking-related. lol The other bins hold the remaining few holiday items and other miscellaneous kitchen (mostly baking) items with my Kool-Aid selection on top ready for my next yarn-dyeing adventure! These take up much less space than the drawers so my Swiffers can actually live out of sight for once. The bins will also be easy to move when the time comes.

Today's items:
Yes, MORE cookie cutters going out the door!

To be fair, the ones in the larger round box are for cake. lol

While I was in the kitchen, I decided to take a look in the cabinets again.
It's hard to tell from the pic, but these are very small cups meant for espresso or maybe tea? I picked them up at the thrift store years ago thinking they'd be great as small dessert cups for mousse or something equally rich... and never did use them. These all went into the donation box finally.
I also finally found some kitty dishes that were not only shallow enough, but also had sides that would prevent messes so the china I've been using (and breaking) over the past year can finally go away... along with Reilly's old bowl that he'd chewed most of the rubber off the bottom as a pup. lol The ball was one of Mugsy's, too big for the munchkin to use. I kept four saucers to use, but that's all that's left of the china now.

And finally, this plastic Tupperware mixing bowl made it out! This was one of the last plastic holdouts. I still have a giant Tupperware mixing bowl that works well for making/raising bread dough. I haven't found a cheap alternative yet for that one.

When I lived in Alaska, I had this awesome set of stainless steel mixing bowls with lids. They were the perfect sizes, nested nicely, were heavy enough without weighing a ton, had nice flat bottoms so they didn't tip... and I sold them at my garage sale before I left. =( Those are truly the only thing I can think of that I've gotten rid of, well, ever, that I regret! I've yet to find another set that suited my needs as well that didn't cost a fortune. I wish I'd shipped those down to Washington instead of all those freaking books! I'd love to have those in place of the glass ones I now have... Not bad though. All the things I've ditched over the years and only one regret!

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