Monday, July 2, 2012

190. bouncing back

I'll have to post pics of my craft room soon. Everything now fits on the two wire bakers racks in there. Just a little different from how it started. lol

Today's items:
I got rid of a bunch of rubber stamps awhile back and then I ditched most of the foam stamps a little while later. On second look, more could definitely go. And now... they have. =) I now have a small basket with a tin of foam stamps and a handful of rubber stamps in it. We'll see how long those last...

I also made a couple of sales this weekend:
A couple more balls of yarn out the door...

and a few books too! Once the paper copy sold, I purchased the ebook version of the one skein sock yarn book (and subtracted that from my total). =)

I also sold my extra tripod!
It was one of the more annoying selling experiences on craigslist. The buyer agreed to meet at 2:30p... I texted them at 2:45p and nearly10 min later they said they got held up and were running late... I asked how long... 20 more min. Seriously?! I left, went down the road to the grocery for a few items, came back and went in the library (where we were meeting)to pick up my holds, came out and they still weren't there. I finally decided they had until 3:30p and I was leaving. I had someone else who wanted to look at it. He showed up at 2:28. sheesh An hour late?! And he'd had no intention of letting me know until I texted him! Did he really think I was going to still be sitting there an hour later? Let's just say he's lucky he bought it. Of course after all that time, he didn't have the right amount either, but at least I had change.

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $1,782

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