Tuesday, July 3, 2012

191. a little campy

Had some luck in selling today! =)

Today's items:
Sold a tent I'd picked up on clearance a couple months before taking my travel job. It ended up in storage, then in my shed for the past year. It's really too big for my needs (4-person) so I listed it on craigslist and sold it today. I know I didn't pay the clearance sticker price and Fred Meyer usually puts their clearance on 40-70% off the clearance price so I know I sold this for more than I actually paid. =)

I also sold a couple more books, a couple skeins of yarn and another CD of knitting magazines (not pictured). I'm waiting on payments on a couple more sales so hoping those will be heading out Thursday. =)

 Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $1,867


  1. Hm...seems like a fair amount of your stuff gets used for a while and then you realize you don't need it. I'm jealous-- I seem to have the problem of buying stuff and never using it at all!

    1. To me, it seems like I have an awful lot of stuff that hasn't been used... but when I really step back and look at it, I suppose I do have a lot that I once found useful and no longer do. Letting large amounts of things go was never really my problem. My real problem was that even though boxes and bags of things might be making their way to Goodwill or the like, I was also bringing way too much new (at least to me) stuff in. I've gotten much, much better at not bringing more in as well as letting more and more go.


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