Friday, July 6, 2012

194. hindsight is 20/20

If only foresight were as clear as hindsight. I surely wouldn't have purchased all this junk I didn't need. lol And I probably would have purchased an air conditioner back when they were cheaper... People selling used ones are jacking the prices sky high. Supposed to be pushing 100 here Sunday-Tuesday and I have no a/c. YUCK. In my perfect world, the temp would never rise above 75. Debating if I should blow a wad of money on an a/c... or suffer through 3 days of misery. I can always go for a ride - my Jeep has a/c. =) Just thankful to be out of the Midwest with that nasty humidity! Any of you reading this who are dealing with that, you have my sincerest sympathy. Been there and hope to never do it again!

Today's items:
Sold the last of the magazine CDs along with a some pattern booklets, a box of knitting pattern cards and a crochet book... some of which actually got photographed before being packed up to ship. =)

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $2,020

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