Monday, July 9, 2012

197. not a perfect fit

Yesterday, we roasted. My thermometer topped out at 105. YUCK. Today, it's not quite as bad, but the summer stuff is getting pulled out and some just isn't making the cut...

Today's item:
These canvas shoes have been around awhile. Not sure why I've kept them. Maybe because I keep wanting them to fit better? lol Every time I wear these, I constantly have to fight to keep them on since they just have the smallest of backs. No more fighting with my shoes. =)


  1. I have a pair of Converse Jack Purcell's sneaks. They are super cute yes..... but man does the heel area rub a bit. To counter that, I tend to take wider strides in hopes of taking fewer steps in hopes of delaying a wicked blister. Sounds a bit stupid now that I read that & it's a bit stupid that I change my normal gate in order to accomodate the shoes. I want to LOVE those shoes. But those shoes don't love me - it's like a bad afterschool special in the making.
    Every time I have another round of selling stuff on Ebay - these shoes come up for consideration, but survive yet another cut. I've tried moleskin heel protectors, pre-emptive bandaging my own heel as well as the above mentioned strange wide gate thing. At what point do I give up on these shoes? They are just the perfect image in my minds eye of classic all-American prep, but I certainly would never wear them for any length of time or to walk any discernible distance or take them with me on vacation or even wear to go grocery shopping for risk of a hellacious blister. Ok, you talked me into it. Fine. The Converses have to go.

    1. Good for you! No more shoes that cause blisters!! I don't know if my feet are just shaped oddly or what, but backless shoes rarely stay on my feet well. So... why did I keep buying them?! lol I highly doubt there are many men out there who continue to wear uncomfortable shoes. No more, I say! =)


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