Saturday, July 21, 2012

209. feeling boxed in

My roses are blooming!
I had one bud earlier in the summer, but it got mauled by an aphid before it got even close to opening. This one has a protector (look close, there's a little green spider disappearing over a petal on the upper left corner). This one's on one of the rose bushes I moved a couple months ago and the other will be blooming in a few more days and there are buds on the largest plant as well. I guess decluttering my yard earlier in the summer made for happier plants. =)

Today's items:
My old recipe box and the pile of recipes that were in it! I got this box while in junior high school for home ec class. This was post-going-vegetarian but pre-going-vegan so most recipes aren't really useful to me now. There were just a few gems in there though and those have been scanned. =)

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