Sunday, July 22, 2012

210. no receipt

The packing is going well... and quickly. lol I've shown my place once and the potential buyer is supposed to be putting in the app for the park on Monday but I'm showing it again later today. I can't really work out a deal with anyone until they've been approved to live in the park if they intend to leave the trailer here. *sigh* Hoping to have it worked out by the end of this week though!

Today's items:
A pile of receipts went into the shredder. I'd been sticking receipts into a small accordion folder just in case I needed any of them for returns and such. Hadn't cleaned it out in a loooooooong while. Some of these went back to last summer... before I moved. heh Now that I rarely shop, there are a lot fewer receipts coming in. =)

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