Monday, July 23, 2012

211. no leaks allowed

This mobile home has been nothing but a headache since I bought it a year ago. Today was no exception...

Today's item:
Today, I decluttered a leak... and some extra stress that came along with it. Yeah, okay, I'm stretching the decluttering thing a bit but this had to be done since I'm trying to declutter the whole dang trailer! It's comfortably in the 70s today so for once in a very long while, every fan wasn't on in the house. Oddly, this morning, I went into the bathroom and heard what sounded like air flowing... no real wind outside and no fans on. I followed the sound to this small hole in the bathroom floor the previous owners so nicely simply covered with a vinyl tile after moving whatever had been there (toilet maybe?) when they decided to rearrange the bathroom. Pulling up the tile, I discovered it wasn't air, but a lovely misting of water. Awesome. Could this really not have waited another couple weeks until I'm out of here?! sheesh Thankfully, my friend's husband is a handyman and could come over this afternoon. $50 later (you don't even know how happy I was when I heard that total!) the hole is still there, but there's no longer water spraying where it shouldn't! More interesting repair work done by the prior owners - no shock there. Once it all dries, I'll put down some new tiles. Really glad a couple came to look at it yesterday and not today! They already knew the flooring in there needed work so at least this isn't anything new. *sigh*

I have two people supposed to be putting in apps for the park today. They have to be approved to live here before I can really work out a deal with anyone. I'm really hoping the park will be on the ball and get their background/credit checks done quickly. I'm more than ready to drive away from this place for the last time! Oh, did I mention I bought an rv this weekend? =) More details later...


  1. Oh my! My first house I bought with my big girl paycheck was a teeny tiny little 840 sq foot mill house. It was perfect! Except for that teeny tiny little air hole in the bathroon floor I could kinda sometimes feel with my bare foot. Turns out it was a HUGE gaping hole from chronic water damage that ended up needing some serious structural rework done. Thank the stars above one of my older brothers is a home builder & he came to my rescue! Still, it cost me a fortune in just about new everything.
    The former owners had to have known as it was obvious that someone intentionally covered up the damage & the house inspector - oh geez that's a whole nuther story!

    1. There once was a sink or toilet in this spot. They rearranged the bathroom and didn't bother to take up the floor and deal with the pipes correctly. They simply capped the pipe off and pushed it below floor level... which put extra stress on the joins at that T, making it more of an arrow shape. That only lasts *so* long. My guy cut out that section of floor, took out the T (plus another connection that went nowhere), fixed it and replaced the floor. There's still a hole, but the price was right so no complaints. lol When it comes to plumbing and electricity and construction, if I can't figure out how to do it properly, I'll hire someone who does. Not everyone feels that way. The last owners took the band aid approach to things... I can only hope they did the same to their current residence and stuck around long enough for all that crap to start failing. =)

  2. I cannot wait to hear about your RV!!!


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