Wednesday, July 25, 2012

213. on hot coals

Today's item:
The grill I gave away once already. lol Yeah, another person who didn't show up... even though it was free. This is another leftover from the last owners. A gas grill they had used with charcoal. I'm assuming they got this free on craigslist... and I gave it away on craigslist. The circle of life. =)


  1. I had that problem with craigslisters, too. I guess they think if it's free they don't have to bother to be considerate enough to call or email to say, "oops, changed my mind. Won't be comin'."

    1. From my experience, it doesn't seem to matter if the item is free or for sale. So many flakes out there. Glad this is nearly over! =)


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