Friday, July 27, 2012

215. end of the road?

I've kept up here daily for 215 days in a row. I think this is the end of the road... at least on a daily posting basis. Will things keep going out? Absolutely. But everything is changing quickly around here. My mobile home is nearly sold and I may be heading back on the road for work next week so what's left needs to be packed up and moved to storage and I'm trying hard to limit what goes in the rv. I'll keep updating here occasionally, but most of my posting from here out will be on my other blog.

Today's item:
The neighbors are buying this from me when I move. =) I like them so I'm selling for the same price I bought it... and they didn't have to drive to Idaho to get it. lol Oh, I also returned the bluetooth headset posted a week and a half ago and got the money back on a gift card. =)

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $2,302


  1. Congratulations on making $2300(!) simply by getting rid of stuff you didn't need anymore. Best wishes for a smooth and easy move.

    1. I've been so distracted - I typed that in and didn't even realize I'd broken $2300. lol

  2. Wow, you are so gonna have to keep us in the loop as to how you fare in the new RV & where it ends up taking you!

    I gotta say, between your website & Colleen's over at 365LT, yall have been both inspiring & motivating. I think the added visual photo's of what you parred down helps me see things in my own house/life that needs cullung as well. Had I the forethought - I should have done the same.....but at least I've kept a Pages (like MS Word) document of exactly what we've decluttered.

    Also your blog (& again Colleen's) appeals to my regular person sensibilities. While I appreciate a good full-on minimalist/simple living blog, a lot of those I can't always relate to or find that the info given just doesn't apply to me.

    I've been hammering my decluttering pretty hard. It's not that I'm a collector or hoarder or anything's more that I'm at a point in my life where I know what I don't need or use or give a darn about anymore. I'm married but have no kids - by choice & am closing in on 46 in a few days. I've had enough things & I've had enough with all the things. I'm at a point now where I want experiences & intangibles as opposed to tangibles.

    We have been putting all our efforts into downsizing & decluttering so when we do get the opportunity to relocate to the FL Keys - well we'll be at the ready & not frantically unloading all this crap at the 11th hour.

    A year or so ago, I was able to finally quit my healthcare career & start my own (not healthcare-related) business. I was home more often & felt oddly suffocated. Everywhere I looked there was something to move around, push aside, dust, feed, water, clean, not break, not use, don't use, etc. So I started to par down with the Christmas decorations then my decluttering took off from there. Funny thing, with every less item I had to be a good steward to - did it become clearer & clearer to my husband & I that this stuff kinda holds us both back & down.

    I've set the end of this year as my own self-imposed deadline for the bulk of decluttering. By that date - I will have sold everything or donated everything that is either stored away in a box, not being used, not necessary, not loved, not functional, not worth the effort to drag around anymore, stuff I no longer feel obligated by guilt to keep, and so on.

    I've been reading your blog & trying to keep up at your pace of decluttering as well as secretly living vicariously through you as you are so very very close now to packing it up & heading out. It's one thing to hear folks yack about trying to obtain their dreams & it's another to actually take the steps necessary to make that happen & "watching" you through your blog posts take those first steps is pretty inspiring & pretty darn motivating! I totally cheered out loud when I read that you did indeed buy the RV!

    Also, sounds like you are heading further down the west coast & i'm hoping to head further down the east coast. The similarities are kinda cool.

    I didn't realize you had another blog or if I did - I didn't connect the dots. I'll for sure add that to my RSS reads as I really want to keep tabs on your successes.
    Please for sure post updates of your next life chapters!


    P.S. Do you have a Twitter account as well? That's about the only "social media" I attempt with any regularity.

    1. It's been interesting. The more I think about what I'll really need in the rv... the less I'm planning to take. I will be getting a storage unit this week to pack some items I'm just not ready to part with and that makes it easier to pare down what goes in the rv. I'm starting with the pet stuff - food, litter - then clothes - both casual and office-appropriate since that looks like a strong possibility. Yarn has been pared to one shallow bin (yes, there will be more in storage). I'm not sure keeping some of the items heading for storage is the best idea, but it's what's going to happen for now at least.

      The rv - seriously, I gave myself a little panic attack over that one. Bought it then later that night was wondering what the heck I'd just done! lol I'm still a little nervous about it, but it drives well and it's not as though I'll be driving it daily or anything. I do love that it gives me flexibility while still keeping my furry kids with me. That was the worst part of traveling for work. Esp with the kitties getting older, I feel I need to be there. It looks like I may be headed to OR next week for work then... ? lol

      Oh, and I did have a twitter account but deleted it because I never used it. lol I will regularly update my other blog however with stories and photos. =)


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