Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm back!

Wow, the past couple months have just flown by! Its been just short of two full months since I got my rv and a little over a month since I sold my mobile home and moved into the rv full-time. It's been an adjustment, but honestly, not all that difficult!

The first 2 1/2 weeks, I was working In offices again for my employer. It'd been a solid year and a half since I worked anywhere but at home so that was a HUGE adjustment. lol Since then, I've been back to working remotely again (something my little dog is quite pleased about) and decided to stick around down in Oregon for awhile longer. I'll be heading back to Washington later this week with the intention of selling my jeep and retrieving my bicycle. I'd planned to sell the jeep and buy something smaller to tow, but after seeing the piddly amount of my loan payment that actually goes to principal... I've decided to go car-free for awhile at least and put the extra to my loan instead. I hate owing money!

After a month in the rv, I've discovered I did pretty well in deciding what I needed. I do still have more than I need though! I've already ditched a pair of uncomfortable heels (replaced with more comfy flats) and a few other items that just seemed to be in the way. My wardrobe is pretty minimal and there's plenty of extra space in the bedroom cabinets... and I plan to keep it that way. Actually, none of my cabinets are stuffed full. My cooking has been pretty simple as well and I'm getting more streamlined in my grocery shopping as I learn what's easiest to make in this small space. I've now rearranged the cabinets/storage spaces in the main living area twice, trying to find what works best. It's getting there.

I realized pretty quickly that putting things away after using them is not just a good idea... It's a must! Clutter in small spaces just does not work. lol Cleaning takes no time though! :-) Vacuuming, even on my hands and knees with a small hand vac, takes such a small amount of time and dusting? Yeah, think less than 5 min for the whole place. Woo! I love the extra free time I have!

For the past couple years, I've been dreaming of building a tiny home on a trailer. I chose to go the route of an rv for the mobility factor for now, but living in this just makes me want to build a tiny house all the more! Now, I know I can definitely live in a very small space comfortably if it's well designed and I know building my own place would be better designed for my own needs than this rv. I think I still need to keep working on that idea for the future. :-)

I may not be getting rid of things like I was (what with so much of what I have left being in storage), but living in this small space is great motivation for not shopping. lol I was looking for a small tv... but I'm realizing, I don't really want one... even if the park does have free basic cable. I can still watch plenty on Hulu. I may change my mind on that once I'm somewhere with no wifi, but for now, no tv is a good thing. It's all about having less these days. :-)

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  1. Yes, living in an RV helps you sort things out about your life, makes you prioritize your needs from your wants. With the limited space you have for a home, you’ll definitely learn that, whether you agree to it or not! :D But what’s favorable is that it turns you into someone who is good in making practical decisions.

    Tia ^.^

  2. Hello, Karen! Well, how is living the full-time RV life? Is it great? Building a tiny home on a trailer is your dream, but still, living there around the clock is not easy and of course quite different from living in a house. Nevertheless, I hope you’re truly enjoying it. We own a RV but we haven’t thought of living there permanently… yet. ;)

    Rosalinda Rudloff


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