Sunday, January 13, 2013


Earlier this week, I was cleaning up around the rv (the after-holiday piles were getting to me!) and packing things into a box. Was this box headed for Goodwill? No. The plan was to take it to my storage unit! I figured I was paying for the unit, what's one more box in there, right? These were items I didn't want taking up space around here, but that I didn't want to get rid of... Um, really? Have I learned nothing over the past year?

Thankfully, I have learned something. I caught myself before I loaded it into the car to drive it up there. I decided that adding to my storage unit was not something I was comfortable with. Honestly, I wish I had easier access to it so I could go through some of those bins and get rid of more stuff! So why would I add to it? What was in that box I'd planned to hide away? Mostly holiday-related items including Reilly's Halloween costume and a few other Reilly-related holiday items. Yes, that dog is SPOILED. All lightweight items that are easy to store here in the rv until next fall. I have an empty suitcase in one of the storage areas that would be perfect for the few seasonal items I do want to keep and still have room for my winter coat once the weather warms back up. And really, who knows where I'll be next Fall anyway. For the moment, the box sits under the edge of my bed until I have more time to deal with it. A little time might make me rethink a few of those items too. =) Work has been cutting into my down time the past month or so, but that's changing too.

I finally hit the wall. Too many 80-hr weeks makes for a very tired coder. Put a fork in me, I'm done. They've made a swap in what project I'll be getting for OT as well and that makes it even less enticing. So, I'm plenty paid up on my rv and my savings account is healthy... and I need a break. They may not be thrilled with my cutting my hours back, but I will be. =)


  1. The good news about pounding out a busy work week or two or 7 is you do rack up some serious funds in record time which then does give you the freedom to take a week or 2 or 7 off to counter it all.
    When I used to do freelance jobs (back when I was healthcare), I'd work like a rented mule for a month or 2 or more in order to build up a decent bit of coin so I could then take a few weeks/month off to go back home to visit my family or take a vacation that lasted longer than a few measily days. Plus I went places I otherwise may not have been able to afford had I tried to save $ the old fashioned slow-rolling way.
    I did this same thing after I bought a car. Worked insanely long hours for a few months straight but ended up paying off my 5 yr car loan in less than 1 year. Still own that car today & it's 17 yrs old.
    I've always worked these power session type schedules when I had a very specific goal in mind that I wanted to accomplish asap. While it sucks during the process, the reward is insanely gratifying & then you get to stroll around at a snails pace after that until another great idea/goal comes to mind.
    This method used to royally tick off some of my co-workers that didn't have the option (so they said) because they had a family, life, kids, soccer games, tv shows to watch, couches to hold down, other excuses, etc. But I didn't let their lamenting deter me. I made short-term sacrifices by working looong hours in order to reach long-term goals. Worked like a champ! I wasn't about to not do that just because some co-workers were stuck in neutral.
    Anyways, those power-burst sessions of work worked great for me & gave me so many freedoms to see, do, buy, etc that otherwise might have taken me years to obtain/reach - if ever.
    So yeah, OT is exhausting but ta da! Instant excess funds to throw at your debts, vacations, etc.

    1. It is nice to have the option occasionally. This isn't a constant and it sucks that it usually comes around the holidays every year, but I was able to get ahead and can relax again now if I want. Things tend to slow down for me in the Spring so a little extra $$ in the winter makes that slow time more bearable. Working a lot of OT does cut down on having a life and I can definitely understand those who can't due to family. I don't have a hubby or kids and since I work remotely, the critters don't suffer too much. =) OT is worth it if you use the money properly. I've talked to a lot of people who work the same OT, but don't put anything away for later and then are strapped when work slows drastically each Spring.

  2. I say "good for you" resisting the storage unit!
    Be careful not to burn out with hours racking up like that, great to build up the finances once in a while, but not a pace to keep up for too long... the consequences aren't worth the dough, right?
    Back to the storage unit. I had one, and I enjoyed it's convenience for clearing my living space to show-room perfection. Closing it was bitter sweet. I hated having to deal with all these things that were too good to get rid of but not part of my streamlined daily existence (I imagine RV living is the pinnacle of that). Since closing the unit, I have tossed/donated/sold a massive amount of things to make comfortable room for the precious. Ironically most of what has been removed didn't come from storage, but closets and cupboards and "organizing" bins and baskets around the house!

    1. Thanks, I can't believe I even considered adding to it. lol

      I completely agree on the OT. I did it for awhile and it got me to where I wanted to be. Now I can back off on it and just do what OT I feel like doing. =) Last year, I worked 2 full-time jobs for 4 months, working 80-100 hrs/wk. I finally got to a point where I just couldn't do it. I'd sit down at the computer and couldn't force myself to work. I quit the 2nd job. This year, I didn't even talk to any of the recruiters calling about additional work and ended up coming out ahead since the extra hours this way were actually OT. It's been good, but I'm tired now... and unmotivated. lol I'll still have some OT, but I'm aiming for 60 hrs this week instead of 80. lol Once I told myself I didn't have to do it, I immediately felt better. I'm actually looking forward to enjoying some of that down time to come!


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