Saturday, March 9, 2013

6 months!

That's right, folks... it's been a full six months since I moved into the rv full-time. Technically, we're pushing seven months now. =) How is it March already?!

I may not be making progress with much else, but I am making real progress with my rv loan!
Next payment due:
I turn 40 next January. I'd LOVE to be completely debt-free again by then. Not sure I'll make it, but I'll be a whole lot closer than I thought I'd be thanks to all this overtime! It'll take continued diligence keeping my spending to a minimum, but this seems to be my new normal anyway. Other than groceries and the rare replacement item, I don't shop. I don't want to shop. Actually, I have a huge urge to go sort through my storage unit and get rid of a lot of that stuff too. Those big paychecks of the last couple months will be a thing of the past as well now that the big projects have ended and things are slowing down so I'll have one more larger-than-average check to put toward the rv, then it's back to more normal payments. At least I've made a huge dent in it and saved myself a ton on interest! =)

A couple weeks ago, my friend told me that she's been more frugal since I've been staying here. I guess I'm a good influence. =) She'd gone through her clothes and already had 3 big laundry bins full of things she plans to take to a used clothing resale shop... quite a few still had the tags on. You don't know how happy I am to hear that! I've been wanting to help her sort through some things and decide what could go, but work has been keeping me too busy to do much of anything other than, well, work. I was so happy to hear my influence is having an effect and she's motivating herself! I still see a lot coming in the house, but at least some is leaving now too...

So... after over 6 months in this small space, what have I learned? I've learned I have no problem living in 200 sqft. I actually like having less "stuff" around and fewer choices. What do I miss? A real kitchen. Yes, I have a little kitchen in the rv, but it's not the same. While at my friend's, I can use her kitchen, but dragging things back and forth is a pain and having someone telling me how to do every little thing (and how I'm doing it wrong) is annoying. I'm planning on moving from here soon. I keep debating between somewhere around Seattle or Portland. I'm leaning more toward Vancouver, WA, these days. Before I moved back to Spokane, I flew out to Portland and looked for a rental without much success. This time, the search would be more relaxed since I have a place to live and wouldn't be on a short time frame. =) Yes, I'm thinking of possibly renting an apt or small house and using the rv for work trips and, of course, pleasure... I really do miss having a real kitchen... and the kitties would do well with a bit more space as well. If it was just me and the little dog... I'm not saying I in any way regret the past 7 months and who knows, once I move, I might find I'm happy to stay in the rv awhile longer. It might just be a time issue since I've been working so much and have been in one spot so long. Maybe once I'm in an area I like better and have a bit more time to enjoy outside of the rv... =)


  1. I am right there with you about not wanting to shop. Every now and then I enjoy wandering around a thrift store or used book store but trying to rid my home of things all the time kind of takes away any interest in going shopping.

    1. It does! I honestly don't even think of buying anything anymore unless I'm planning to get rid of something. =)

  2. Nicely done with the advanced loan payments! It's great to have that buffer of pre-payment. I wonder if you had less pets if living in the RV would have been easier? I've got 3 pets myself & if I had it my way...I'd have a yard full of guinea hens & mini goats, but my HOA would have a unauthorized cow.

    1. Just made another payment today and I'm officially into 2017. =) I really, really want to get this thing paid off this year!

      Oh my, yes! It would be much easier without all the critters. If all I had was the little dog, RV life would be simple... and I could have a smaller RV. Honestly, if I just didn't have the incredible upchucking cat, life would be easier... there would certainly be less laundry to do! *sigh* The new vacuum has helped greatly... I no longer want to shave the cats. lol It's been a rough critter day here - washed the couch cover last night and the cat yacked on it this morning. :-P I told them they're lucky I love them!


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