Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Since my last post (a few days ago), I've been thinking about what's bugging me about the rv and I think I might have figured it out... at least for the most part.

1. The pet hair is killing me. It's Spring (sort of) and the critters are shedding with a vengeance. The little hand vac I bought for the RV just isn't cutting it. It's a pain to use (crawling around on the floor) and just doesn't work all that well, not to mention that I have to dump the little dirt cup 2-3 times even for my tiny space. I'm off later today to pick up a small upright with a good attachment for the tight spots. I can't wait to vacuum with a real vacuum!! I debated getting my Dyson out of storage, but it's too large/heavy and the attachments are packed in bins and not accessible. The one I found is smaller, lighter and not too expensive and I decided I'm okay dedicating a little space to the vacuum. It's either that... or shave the cats. :-/

2. It's not all that comfortable working in here. Let's face it, the dinettes in RVs are not really built for comfort. They're utilitarian and provide storage and extra sleeping space. The cushions are at right angles (so uncomfy!) and they don't hold up well to constant use. The storage is nice, but it's a pain to get to since you have to take off the cushions (and anything on the cushions) to access it. The solution? I'm thinking seriously of ripping out the dinette completely and replacing it with a couple of plastic bins (for storage) and a small, lightweight desk or table to work at... and a real office chair! Or more likely, another balance ball like I was using prior to the move into the RV. I actually already have a folding table that would work well and it's already in the RV so I'd be losing weight getting rid of the dinette. The bins would also make it much easier to bring supplies into someone else's kitchen if the opportunity arose. I'm having a hard time seeing a down side to doing this...

3. Not having water/sewer hooked up is a huge pain in the butt. Yes, I'm saving some money parked at my friend's, but dumping my holding tank takes assistance. Fortunately, they do have a dump station, but the way it's set up means I can't do it alone. I haven't had water hooked up over the winter to avoid frozen lines/hose so have been hauling jugs of water to the RV and hauling dishes into the house to clean. In an RV park, I'd have to walk to another building to take a shower and do laundry... but I do that here too. Is the savings worth the inconvenience?

So really, all my "issues" are pretty easily fixable. I just needed to think through what the issues really were and figure out the solutions. =) The more I thought about renting a place and being "stuck"... the less I thought that was a good idea.

On another note... why is it people assume that since you work from home, you're free to drop everything and leave at will? It is still a JOB. After all this time, you'd think my friend would have figured that out by now... apparently not. LOL

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