Wednesday, March 13, 2013

out with the old...

This little hand vac was a complete waste of money. While it was cheap, it sucks... and not in a good way. I still had the remnants of a Walmart gift card so I headed off yesterday and got myself a new vacuum. Out with the old crappy vac and in with the new... and this little rug by the kitty box is once again black. Problem #1... solved. :)


  1. Sometimes it's worth it to get a decent vacuum to begin with. I'm looking at getting a new one, but not sure it's worth it right now. My old one is decent, although there's some kind of suction problem with it, but it gets the job done.

    PS: Just got accepted into my med coding program!

    1. Congrats! Even with all the headaches, it's been a good move for me. =)

      Yeah, my intent was to save space with that hand vac and bought one with decent reviews (mostly) and a beater bar to combat the pet hair. In reality, it would have been better to just have a real vacuum in the first place. I can stash it in the corner of the bedroom. I hated using that little thing so I didn't as often as I should have. It was so nice vacuuming last night... and again this morning. lol We'll see how well this one does - it's not awesome. I got spoiled with my Dyson.


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