Sunday, June 23, 2013

it's good to be paid again...

It's SO nice to not be working for free anymore! I've gotten a couple good paychecks since choosing to demote myself and made a couple nice, fat payments on the RV.

I ran by the bank to get cash for a little something-something for myself and made one of the payments in person. I have to say, I love the look I get from the bank employees when I do this. =)

I'm not working as much as I was, but I am still working too much...

Yeah, that's about the look I have on MY face when I turn the computer on to work. I think I'm officially burned out. I'm doing better on cutting back on hrs but I'm not quite there yet. Last week I ended the week at just over 60 hrs. Yeah, still too much. It's just not worth it anymore.

I now owe on the RV less than what my Jeep is worth if I sell it... what to do... Yes, I'm still at my friend's in Spokane. I keep waffling between the Seattle area and down around Vancouver, WA. I'm also waffling between staying in the RV and getting into a rental or possibly buying a small place. I decide one way, then decide that's not what I really want. LOL I'd love to have just a little more space for the critters mostly, but also for my crafty side. Is it worth giving up the mobility for a bit more space? Or is the better option to quit working so damn much, sell the Jeep and pay off the RV and have more time to be OUT of the RV (and actually have a life) so I'm not feeling so... stagnant? Something's got to give. This is no way to live a life.


  1. Funny how taking a step back can make all the difference!
    Hope you work out the RV/Jeep dilemma soon. It doesn't sound as if you got in near as much traveling/mobility in the RV as you had initially expected.

    1. It does! I kept myself to 10-hr days this week and by the end of the week, I'd adjusted to the point that working even an extra hour seemed undoable. LOL I've been in a much better mood lately too. =)

  2. ....on a side note & also that I forgot to mention...
    The title of this post keeps reminding me of that tune featured in the movie Office Space - damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

  3. Karen,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love the name of your blog, stash.less. It's something we all need to do. Look forward to hearing more from you.
    Live and Learn


please be kind =)