Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm not dead.

No, I'm not dead... but it sure has been awhile!

My summer was spent working, and working... and working some more. But that's all changing! :) As of today, I am once again a salary employee. Yes, I know what you're thinking... That didn't work out so well for me last time. :( But this time I'm in a different department... and I'm in charge of no one. I'm still a worker bee, just a better paid one. :) I'll be doing basically the same QA job I've done for months (minus the overtime spent coding). And I know better now. They're paying me for 40 hrs, I'm working 40 hrs. :) They start pushing for more, I can always go back to being a coder. I have options.

What else do I have? Most likely... a house! Though I'd love to stay mobile, I miss really cooking and being able to do a lot from scratch. Some things just need more space. I think I found a good compromise in a cute little (just over 900 sqft main floor) bungalow in a nice enough neighborhood. Where, you might ask? I decided to stay in Spokane. :) If all goes according to plan, I'll be moving in the weekend before Halloween and I'm SO excited!

I'm already making plans to plant a fruit tree, berry bushes and of course put in a garden in the Spring! I'll have a basement perfect for storing canned produce next year and might get a small chest freezer. It seems built for me - bigger kitchen, smaller dining area, 2 bedrooms (one for me, one for my office/craft room), hardwood floors and a fireplace. I'll put in a kitty door so the cats will have basement access - no more cat box in the bathroom! I'm discovering I'm not nearly as patient as I thought though. LOL


  1. That lil bungalow is adorable! Looks like a perfect compromise for you! Room for the cats & the pup as well. Great styling & lines to that house too. Got a Arts & Crafts-esque to it. Nice having a basement too! Looks like you might have some attic space as well. Can't wait to see how you make it your own - be sure to post pics when you settle in!

    My first house (which I still own but now rent) is a wee bit over 850 sq ft. Huge yard though. I love that lil house. Small but oh so cozy & paid for too! Yah!

    We are potentially moving for my husbands job promotion & have been house-hunting. The avg size being 3000-4000 sq ft. Freaking ridiculous. But we are wanting very specific things like a workshop for him, a pool & some critters like Jesus donkies, mini pigs & guinea hens - ya know normal stuff. lol

    1. Any word on your potential move? And wow, yeah that is huge! I just can't imagine cleaning a place that big. Lol Maybe a smaller house with a big lot? I don't have room for anything beyond the furry indoor kids here. Maybe a few chickens if I wanted, but the dog next door apparently has a strong prey drive and I'm guessing Reilly wouldn't be good with them either. Haha

    2. Ugh. The move. It keeps getting pushed off by a month here & a month there. The job offer for my husband is still on the table, but we are waiting out the change of ceo's & some other headache-inducing changes. Thankfully they gave him the option to hold off until that all goes down. Looking more like early 2014 which is fine by me - get thru the holiday muddle.

    3. Yeah, definitely better to deal with moving AFTER the holidays. Hope it all works out well. =)

  2. Glad you're not dead!

    Did you get the little house? Your comment about space for cooking and making things from scratch is precisely my concern every time we talk about maybe going mobile. We even looked at a BUNCH of 5th wheels and I only found a couple with acceptable kitchens.

    Good to hear you are working, and being paid for, reasonable hours!

    1. I did! It's been a busy few weeks getting things moved in and set up... Still not done yet. Haha Planning a couple trips with the jeep to the storage unit today to either clear it out or get close to it. I'm really ready to have everything set up and I need the shelves for the basement that are in the back of my storage unit. Lol The big, heavy stuff (washer/dryer) are here so it's mostly bins of "stuff" and the shelves and my yard items. I really need my rake. :-)

      Yeah, I think the lack of kitchen space was my main issue with the rv. I love to bake and while, yes, there was an oven, it was tiny and there was minimal counter space. I'm very, very happy to have my new kitchen! My bundt pans will be hung again as soon as I get them all from storage and get a step stool tall enough... Right now I can't reach my top row of cabinets. Lol It's good here though... Really good. :-)


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