Saturday, November 23, 2013

It's all mine!

That cute little bungalow from my last post? It's officially mine! =) Okay, so I'm a little behind in blogging. I've actually been living in my new (to me) house for just shy of a full month now, but I've been a little busy. ;-) All but the last few items from my storage unit are moved in and either put away or in the basement waiting to be dealt with. I've even found most of the furniture I needed (basically everything since all I kept were my rocking chair, antique trunk and washer/dryer. The table still needs to be assembled and I do still need a mattress for my bed, but the couch is comfy and there should be some awesome sales next weekend!

We've even had our first house crisis. Well, not so much a crisis as a shock thankfully. We had a storm pass through and when I took the dogs out to potty late that night, I saw this:

Yeah, that branch shouldn't be on my roof! I was blessed though. All I ended up with was a little stress and some very expensive firewood! It turned out the tree was in bad shape so I was lucky to discover the problem with just a branch on my roof and not the entire tree falling on either my or my neighbor's house! No damage and I got guys here soon enough to get the branch before it slid farther down and took out my power. They cut the whole tree down and left me firewood so at least I got something other than just peace of mind. =) Honestly, I didn't like the tree anyway and it shaded my entire backyard. I'd planned to have someone come out and at least trim it in the Spring so the plans just got moved up and I avoided a real disaster. I had them leave me a tall enough stump to install a birdbath on it in the Spring too.

What else have I been up to? Well, Reilly got a new little brother!

Meet Gus. Guster when he's in trouble. ;-) Yes, I'm a little crazy bringing a puppy in just as I'm moving into a new house, but really? House training with no carpet and no rugs is much better! lol He's an absolute doll. Brussels Griffon and Papillon mix and will be 4 months old beginning of December. He went in for his big surgery (neuter) Friday and he weighed in at all of 4.38 pounds. He should be right around the size of Reilly when full grown. Reilly was actually a bit heavier at that age, but I'm guessing this guy will fill out a bit more than Reilly later on. Reilly took some time to warm up to the idea, but now it's like wrestle-mania around here and he's actually calmed Reilly down some and made him friendlier to other people... I'm betting the move helped with that too since we're all feeling more settled these days. =) I had to chuckle when my new neighbor said it sounded like I had two old Irish guys here - Reilly and Gus. LOL

What else changed? I have a new job!

I know... new house, new puppy AND a new job all in the space of 3 weeks? Hey, if you're going to make changes, why not go big?! =) No, this isn't just a new position with my old company like before. I actually resigned after 5 and a half years and started fresh elsewhere. It's only been a week, but so far, it's been good. I'm getting used to the new system and working on an iPad rather than a laptop. It's nice working for a company finally that seems to actually care about their employees. What a concept! The old company tried to keep us. Yes, I said US... SIX of us all left the QA dept at once, preceded by one of the managers in the dept. The raise they offered? Not enough to matter... especially since in the next breath they said how salary positions were never meant to be only 40 hrs a week. huh News to me since they base the pay on 40 hrs... That last week only reaffirmed my decision to leave. Management started asking for more hours and even weekends and talking about set schedules for the dept. I work from home. A flexible schedule is one of the perks! And the money? I can work a couple hours of OT and make the same. Yep, I get OT pay again. =) And this company? They don't want us working insane hours. The old company pushed and pushed for more and 80 hour weeks were encouraged. This company? We have a cap on OT... 10 hrs a week. They'd rather hire more people and pay out more benefits instead of working us to exhaustion. No, I don't have a guaranteed paycheck anymore, but I have coworkers I like and bosses who care and even with the new mortgage payment, I'm still comfortable and can withstand some downtime if necessary since I bought far less house than I was approved for.

Now that I'm settling in, I plan to start sorting through the "stuff" from storage. I've put away the main items, but amazingly, there's still too much stuff in the basement even with all I got rid of prior to the move into the RV a year ago. Do I have the space to store extras? Yep... but I don't want to. Looks like a couple trips to Goodwill will be in order... =)


  1., wow, wow. A house, a pup and a new job. What a whirlwind, but so exciting! I've been away from the blogosphere for too long and had no idea any of this was happening. Last I heard, you were pushing to pay off the RV...

    Regardless, wishing you all the best for your new adventure! :) Now that I'm feeling a bit more focused, I'll be a better reader...or at least a better lurker if nothing else! Ha ha!

    1. Thanks! It all happened rather quickly actually. I finally decided to stay in Spokane, got preapproved for a mortgage and found my home on my second trip out seeing houses! Everything just fell together nicely. =) And a couple months in, I love my house and know I made the right choice.

  2. Gus! What a super cute lil bug! How's he taken to his new home? Meshing well,with Riley and the kitties?
    Congrats on the new job too! Pretty exciting stuff all around for you lately!
    Keep us in the loop with your new home organizing & purging - I'm such a big fan of that kinda stuff!

    1. Yes, he's fit in well. =) Growing like a weed too. lol

      I do have a few things in a box to head to be donated, but I'm amazed at how well I did in my big clear-out. Yes, there are things I could still get rid of, but I also have several completely empty cabinets and some mostly empty in my new home. I think that's a big win! =) I have a couple plans for the new year. I'll definitely keep you all in the loop...


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