Wednesday, August 6, 2014

episode 29 - holy cowl!

Episode 29 – 8/6/14 – holy cowl!

Out of the Stash (FOs):

I'm now a Craftsy Affiliate! You all know I love my Craftsy classes. I'm hoping to support the podcast this way. Anything made by you guys clicking on the banner or links on my website will go back into the podcast, paying for hosting fees, shipping and any extra will go to more prizes! =) All you have to do is click through the banner on my website or any Craftsy link in the show notes. It won't cost you anything, I promise!

Right now, they are having a Dog Days of Summer Sale! All classes are up to half off! =) 
The Spinning Dyed Fibers class is half off right now and well worth the cost!
  • Fudge Ripple Hat to match my Fudge Ripple Cowl – patterns by me! I used Malabrigo Yarn Dos in Turquesa and Mt. Ampato Alpacas in a deep brown and some light fingering weight held double from my stash to finish the hat. I only used one skein of the Malabrigo for the set! These will both remain free patterns! =)
  • Painted Stripes woven fabric – 2 stoles and fabric for ?? Warp is Brown Sheep Nature Spun Fingering in winter blue and Oasis Yarn Aussi Sock in sahara dessert. Weft is Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet cotton in delft (light blue).
  • Finished Handspun! 4 oz 100% Targhee dyed in the Rich colorway by Becoming Art. 2-ply, 458 yds.
  • This brings my Stash Dash total to  8,485 yds! =)

On their way out (WIPs):

It’s Easy Being Green…
Dishwasher vs handwashing dishes. The dishwasher wins in both water and energy usage! Plus, wouldn’t you rather be spinning or knitting or anything other than washing dishes? ;-)
  • 5 minutes pre-rinsing dishes in the sink uses up to 12 gallons of water. Scrape and use the pre-rinse on your dishwasher. That only uses about a gallon!
  •  Most dishwashers use 7-14 gallons, but high efficiency units can use as little as 4.5 gal. This not only saves water but energy in heating the extra water.
  • Wash only when you have a full load.
·         Use the correct setting for your load. Heavy or pot/pan setting uses more water.
  • Use the air dry setting.


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  2. Just signed up for Improving Your Knitting class before I saw your new podcast-Rawr! No doubt though that I will be signing up for other classes and I will use your banner to click through. What a great idea! And I hope it is lucrative for you! Btw, I took the spinning colored fibers class and LOVED it too! Thanks for sharing once again, now excuse mye while I go check out the Fudge Ripple cowl pattern?


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