Wednesday, September 24, 2014

episode 36: tool time!

(available now on iTunes/Downcast & YouTube)

I found a few new-to-me podcasts I wanted to share. James from DancingGeek podcast is a lot of fun to watch, even when he rambles. ;-) And I just found Lindsay of the Entirely Crafty Podcast this morning – she does all the crafts! Also, check out sjomajlin on YouTube. She’s multi-craftual and from Sweden. =)

Out of the Stash (FOs):
  • The Summer Fool is blocked so you get to see it again. ;-)

 On their way out (WIPs):
  • Working on a Fudge Ripple Cowl out of my handspun finished last week (organic Polwarth/Silk with variegated purple thread auto-wrap). I ended up with a little over 400 yds after the handspun got a bath, plenty for a long cowl.

  • My, oh my, the Rowan Yarn Tasting at Paradise Fibers last weekend was awesome! I got to meet Lori (thefrostedcow on Ravelry/Sewing on the Farm podcast). There were great goody bags and I won a door prize too! I came home with 3 new skeins of sock yarn and two skeins of bulkier yarn plus patterns and a pattern book! And all FREE! =)
  • The destash went so well!! Thank you to all who helped my stash lose some weight! I used the destash cash for some used hand carders (woo!), a new reed for my floor loom and two boat shuttles and bobbins! Super excited about my new crafty tools!!

Future plans:
  • Playing with all my new tools!

It’s Easy Being Green…
Short of trading in your gas-hog for a hybrid or permanently park it, there are ways to decrease your gas usage (saving energy and money!) just by changing how you drive.
  • Don’t drive aggressively. Slower acceleration and braking and no speeding.
  • Don’t haul extra weight around.
  • Avoid idling.
  • Combine trips and plan the route to avoid backtracking.

For the math on savings: (incl. a calculator for your own car) 
Or a YouTube video on driving tips: 

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  1. I am interested in a set of carders.


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