Thursday, October 16, 2014

stashless podcast episode 38: ends and new beginnings

Episode 38 – 10/15/14 – ends and new beginnings

Classes have started! =) Due to my busier schedule, recording will now be every other week so I’ll actually have progress to share.

Out of the Stash (FOs):

On their way out (WIPs):
  • Nostalgia Shawl, pattern by Elena Nodel, using two skeins of hand-dyed merino/silk yarn
  • The Vampyre, shawl pattern by Justyna Lorkowska, using my merino/silk/bamboo handspun

  • Loop batt won from the Fibre Town podcast! 5.1 oz of merino/nylon/Angelina in Box of Chocolates!

Future plans:

It’s Easy Being Green…
Green your holiday!
  • Instead of buying plastic treat bags or buckets, look for (or make) a fabric bag or use a pillow case or a reusable bag you already have around.
  • Instead of inexpensive plastic costumes that barely make it through one wearing, check out the thrift stores, your (or family’s or friend’s) attic or recycle materials like cardboard and fabric to make your costume. For a quicker option, you can always rent!
  •  Need make-up for your costume? Check out this link for some natural face paints and this blog for some great DIY options like fake skin to make warts/wounds.
  • Reuse your decorations from years past instead of buying new each year or recycle natural elements like leaves, corn stalks, pumpkins/gourds and apples to decorate.
  •  Use soy candles in your pumpkins instead of petroleum-based paraffin wax candles.

This episode ends on a low note. I try to keep the podcast upbeat, but this is real life and life isn’t always happy. =(

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