Sunday, November 2, 2014

stashless podcast episode 39: better late than never?

Out of the Stash (FOs):
  • Just a little sewing the past couple weeks. I made up some cotton bags for my fiber stash storage. =)
  • Finished a braid of superwash merino/bamboo/nylon from Unwind Yarn Company in the AuroraBorealis colorway – 287 yds/4 oz
  • Prize added for the Good Karma CAL! 2 skeins of Schachenmayr orginal Boston plus a pattern for a stripey hat.

On their way out (WIPs):
  • TheVampyre, shawl pattern by Justyna Lorkowska, using my merino/silk/bamboo handspun
  • Working on 8 oz of Ferndale Fiber Potluck Roving in Mud Puddle – 1/3 done

Back in the Stash:
  • I frogged the Nostalgia Shawl and the two skeins of hand-dyed merino/silk yarn went back in the stash. I’ll start again with different yarn. I wasn’t loving the color combo and life’s too short to knit something I’m not loving. =)

  • Two bobbins for my Hansen! Guess who can now do a 3-ply without having to wind anything off! And I can work on more than one spinning project at a time!
  • 3 skeins from Color Me Happy! Check out the new group on Ravelry!

Future plans:
  • I’m also working on decreasing the stash again! Check out my stash page – lots and lots marked for sale and likely more to come!

It’s Easy Being Green…
Now that cooler temps have arrived in the northern hemisphere and windows and doors are shut, you might find you’re missing the fresh air circulating and eliminating any odors from pets or just a closed-up house. Most commercial air fresheners are loaded with nasty chemicals like formaldehyde, phenol, petroleum distillates and others that are known carcinogens or have negative effects on the nervous system and most only cover the odors, not eliminate them.
While there are some “green” alternatives on the market now, there are also a lot of DIY ways to freshen up your home even when opening a window isn’t an option. I mostly use baking soda, vinegar and organic lemon in my home, both for cleaning and odor reduction. I also use lavender sachets in my dryer and drawers for a chemical-free scent. ­Try real vanilla instead of a vanilla scented air freshener. Essential oils are another great alternative! Washing pet bedding (and the dog) helps too! ;-)

For more ideas:

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