Thursday, June 4, 2015

simple craft - craft what (and when it) makes you happy

I've realized a few things about my crafting lately. There are different types of crafters. Some like to challenge themselves, working their way through complicated patterns and epic projects one after another. Other crafters like to keep it simple, sticking to basic patterns that are easy to follow or just winging it with no pattern to follow at all. Still others (I believe the majority) like a mix of the two.

Me? I do like a mix, but lean more toward the simple crafts, ones that are more meditative than challenging. I started and finished a mostly garter stitch shawl (the lace portions were simple too) in just a week. My other shawls that take more attention when I knit and the crochet toy that's fiddly and requires constant reference to the pattern? Still not done... and not calling my name to be finished either. The lesson for me? Stick with simple crafts that I know I'll enjoy making and will actually finish. I can admire those cute toys, fancy shawls and sweaters that I'd start and never finish, but I don't have to actually make them. This may change someday, but for now, simple crafts make me happy. And after all, isn't that what hobbies are for?

If you've been around awhile, you may remember the Schacht Baby Wolf floor loom I picked up last year. This is another area I've learned, simple is better (for me). This loom along with two boxes of accessories, books/magazines and a bag of yarn went off to their new home this morning! I loved the projects I wove on it, but setting it up to weave was just too time-consuming and not entirely enjoyable for me and I just didn't do it. So there it sat in the corner of my living room... not necessarily in the way, but not being used or loved either. I felt I was wasting this awesome piece of equipment that could be making someone else very happy. And now, it is. I'm left with my little Ashford SampleIt loom. It's easy to direct warp and projects are quick. Sure, I'm limited to scarves and mug rugs (it is only 8" wide), but I use it and enjoy every part of the process. A larger rigid heddle loom may find its way to me someday, but I'm in no rush.

Last month, I sold the Ashford Traveller spinning wheel I picked up last year as well. I love (and use) my Hansen eSpinner and though the spinning wheel looked great in my living room, again, it wasn't fulfilling its purpose either and boy did that thing trap dust bunnies! It went home with a nice young couple and they no longer have to share a wheel. Win-win for everyone!

I've completed a few scarves lately on that tiny loom and I've begun a new knitting project, a simple mitered square blanket done entirely in garter stitch using some cotton blend yarn (with a bit of sparkle!) kept in my stash just for this purpose. I can put it down and pick it up and just knit... no keeping track of anything other than if it's the right side or the wrong side (easily marked with a locking stitch marker). I don't even care for the blocks to match so color changes come whenever I feel the urge. I'm thoroughly enjoying the process and am already on block number 2! I'm in no rush though to finish. It'll get done when it's done. =)

What type of crafter are you?


  1. HI! I just found your podcast on YouTube and just love it! :) I am hoping you are not done podcasting, as I see that your last one was in April. I followed links over here to see if you mentioned anything on your blog and I'm happy to have found your blog: a crafter after my own, simplifying heart. I have started referring to my style as "cozy minimalism." I don't seem to have the same aesthetic as many newer minimalists of today, but I still don't like the clutter.

    I was looking over your Ravelry thread and see how you too (as so many people, it seems) have been inspired by Marie Kondo's book. I have as well and have loved the process. What I love even more is that now, most things (I still have a few small spaces left to go through) I see in my home are things I truly love and want to have. Even opening drawers to find just what I need and no more is a pleasure.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hello. :) I'll be adding your blog to my bloglovin' feed so I can follow you just in case you are done podcasting, but I hope not! And feel free to pay me a visit at my blog too. I haven't been tracking my decluttering process, but I think you'll find that we have a lot in common. I am at

    Nice to "meet" you and take care!

    ~ Nicole

    1. Hi, Nicole! Nice to meet you too. Cozy minimalism... I like that! I just added your blog to my feedly account so I can keep up with you too. =)

      Ahh, the podcast. I'm not done yet. I thought maybe I was, but now I think it will just be much less frequent and be interspersed with blog posts. Since it's primarily a crafty podcast and I wasn't doing much crafting, I didn't see much point in recording. LOL I have finally picked the needles back up and plan to record soon since I have some things to share. I've intended to record over the past couple weeks but keep getting distracted. I was updating my show notes earlier and I actually have quite a bit to cover! If nothing comes up, I'll likely record this afternoon. =)


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