Saturday, June 6, 2015

stashless podcast episode 53 – let it go… KonMari style

Out of the Stash (FOs):
  • Spun up about 4 oz each of Shetland and Dorper for a planned colorwork project, Meta Mittens.
  • Weaving! After my big stash sorting experience (more on that later), I swiped a few skeins from the “go away” pile and wove a few simple scarves suing some worsted weight stash. Teal/Red scarves & Tropical Waters Scarf
  • Poo Bag – The temps are rising and I no longer have a jacket pocket for used doggie poo bags. Problem solved. =) FibraNatura Exquisite Bamboo in Coral
  • NostalgiaShawl – roughly 700 yds combined, Black Sheep Cottage Merino/Silk in tonal purples and Araucania Ranco Solid in Wisteria
  • I finished the kitchen curtains too but didn't show them. I love them! Just in time to help save me from roasting this summer too. =)

On their way out (WIPs):
  • Still plugging away on the cabled border of my Aquamarine shawl. Sweet Georgia Yarns Tough Love Sock in Tourmaline
  • Large Mitered Square Blanket – Jo-Ann Sensations Caribbean in met white, lime and turquoise. Each square will be about 66g

  • This section should be de-stashed this episode! I have a huge yarny destash in progress. Not sure how long things will be up for sale. I’m looking around at local places to donate leftovers to and I’m fully enjoying my new, much smaller stash!
  • I did hit Jo-Ann’s Memorial Day sale last month and picked up patterns ($1 each!) and found organic cotton! and linen to make some summer clothing. =) Check out Cloud 9 Fabric at Jo-Ann’s if you’re looking for organic cotton! So excited to have a local source of organic cotton, even if it is limited.

Future plans:
  • Getting rid of more stuff I don’t need! And sticking to the simple projects. =)

It’s Easy Being Green…

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
- William Morris
Have you heard of the KonMari Method? It’s all about keeping what you love… and letting the rest go. =) While I don’t believe inanimate objects have feelings (as Marie Kondo does), I do believe we should respect our things and not be wasteful. It’s also good for us to be surrounded with things we truly love.

I’ve been working through all of my possessions the past few weeks and have already dropped off 5 loads at various charities and sold my spinning wheel to a nice young couple and my floor loom to a very happy weaver. The best part is that letting these items go eliminates the need for another new item to be manufactured. Better to send my unused/unloved items into the world and save the energy and wear to our Earth. =)

New to me podcast:

Last but not least, we have winners in the Handspun-along and the April Shrink My Stash thread!

Handspun-along winners:
  1. ElisabethGrace (Angela)
  2. Angeiship (Andrea)

  1. Crouchingcheese (Angie)

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