Tuesday, July 14, 2015

simple craft - in the bag

My blanket isn't making much progress, but I'm in no rush. I do love how the squares are coming out! I really only knit on this sometimes while waiting for charts to load while I'm working, so it's very slow going. I love the simplicity of this project though. It's so relaxing to knit on and let my mind wander. =) I'm intentionally not matching the squares so I don't even have to pay attention to the color changes. None have been blocked so they're pretty wonky still.

It's been all about the sewing machine lately! I'm having so much fun and learning new skills with each project. =) I already have my next few projects planned and have the fabric and patterns ready to go. There are just so many things I want to make! I've been on a bag run lately...

I love using my scrappy clothespin bag. So much nicer than just leaving the pins on the line like I was doing before. lol I'm tempted to make another with a couple of modifications. This one was made with a simple pieced rectangle that I folded in half and lined with more scrap fabric. If I made another, I'd give it a flat bottom, make it deeper and possible narrow the opening a bit. The one I have works pretty well though and I have so many other sewing plans. We'll see. It was fun using up some of my scraps for this one and it cost me nothing but a little time! =)

I decluttered my one and only purse this Spring - I never used it anyway as it didn't really suit my needs. I've yet to find one that really met my needs though I regularly looked at the thrift stores when I went. Everything was either too big or too small or just really not my style. I've been hitting the fields and orchards though and cramming my wallet, phone and keys in my pockets just wasn't working... so I sewed my own bag! I used leftover fabric from making my kitchen curtains and some stash fabric passed along from my mother a few years ago and made a fun little bag/purse, perfect for just the necessities. I only had to purchase a zipper, the rest was stash. =) I used Butterick's pattern B5728 and added 2" to the width so it would accommodate my wallet - a super easy alteration. This was my first zipper! It came out pretty decent, especially considering I have no zipper foot for my machine. Oddly, I have a zipper foot... but it doesn't go on this machine. Where the heck did that come from?? Total cost for this project including pattern? Less than $4... and I got exactly what I wanted. =)

I wasn't bagged out by this point, so I pulled out some heavy cotton and got to work on two large shopping bags. I used McCall's pattern M6297 and went to work cutting pieces out for two of the largest version. I LOVE THEM! So much!

I had to play a little pattern Tetris to make it work with just a yard of the green striped fabric and a yard of the floral, but I made it work (barely) and I have just a small amount of scraps left. If you want to do less math, get the amount of fabric the pattern specifies. ;-) I was using fabric I found half off the clearance price with a plan to make bags but hadn't decided on the pattern yet. It all worked out and I love the combination of fabrics. =) The interior fabrics are more fabric passed on to me from my mother and I think both work really well, especially the purple. These bags are HUGE though! lol Yes, yes, I read the pattern beforehand, but I've never been great at judging sizes (obviously). They're awesome bags, but not so great for grocery shopping if I want to be able to actually carry the bags into the house when they're full unless I buy all light food. heh I'll probably bring one along with smaller bags when I grocery shop and use the big bag for the lighter stuff. Total cost for this project? About $7.50 for two bags (yep, including the pattern - gotta love Joann's pattern sales!). Not a bad deal! I did use interfacing from my stash too and if I make these again, I'll use heavier interfacing to give the bags more stability so that would add to the cost. I'll be keeping an eye out for a good deal on interfacing again!

I still want to make smaller grocery bags. So... I'll be using this fabric (also found half off clearance! woo!) for the smaller version from the same pattern pack. I bought what was left so we'll see how many bags I get from it. I'm not sure I'll add the long pockets to the outside - I'm not sure how useful that would be for me since I don't buy bottled water. Maybe I'll add just a flat pocket to the outside instead... or just leave it off entirely. I need to look through my stash and see if I have anything that will work for the lining on these. There has to be something...

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