Wednesday, September 9, 2015

simple craft - dye, spin, bake!

I've done a bit of dyeing the past couple weeks.

I needed some washable yarn for a project and had nothing suitable in my stash (of course), so I headed to my LYS with a full $10 punch card I'd been carrying in my wallet for the past year. I came away with 8 ounces of undyed superwash merino and only shelled out $3. Woo! I measured out 3 ounces, pulled out my little stash of Kool-Aid packets and got to work. This was my first attempt at dyeing unspun fiber, but figured I was pretty safe with superwash wool. I dyed up a yellow/orange/red gradient in 3 sections with the intent of a 3-ply knowing the plies wouldn't line up perfectly so my gradient would have even more gradation through the skein... and I do so love marled yarns! I absolutely love how the finished skein came out, even though two of my bobbins had more yardage than the third. ;-) I'll definitely be dyeing more fiber to spin!

Here's how I dyed the fiber to get this gradient if you're curious:

The lighter ends are yellow on one side and a light orange on the other - peach mango to be specific! I ran out of the lemonade flavor, but I'm glad I did. =)

That's not all I've spun since I last shared my handspun though! These were finished in August:

The skein on the left is 4 ounces of BFL/silk blend dyed by Into the Whirled in The Cat's Pyjamas colorway. I won the fiber from The Fat Squirrel Speaks podcast by playing along with her Gratitude SAL. Thanks again, Amy Beth! I love the mix of blues, purples and teals. =) I have a little over 400 yds in about a fingering weight. No idea what that will become.

The rest?

Those are an attempt to use up some of the Ferndale Fiber Potluck Roving added to my stash back when I first learned to spin. Not a bad fiber to learn on, relatively inexpensive for dyed fiber and comes in a pretty good range of colors, but not my favorite to spin these days. When I spun part of the Paradise colorway the first time, the blue really stood out in the finished skein. So this time, I split the remaining roving into one ply of mostly bright blue/green and one of teal/purple. The third ply is their Stormy Sea colorway, a mellower blue-green. I'm really happy with how this came out too! The added teal ply really tones down the bright blue but allowed all the colors to pop. I may have to save the rest of the Stormy Sea colorway to mix with other dyed fibers since this little experiment was such a success!

I haven't finished any sewing lately, but I do have a whole stack of fabric pieces cut for new grocery bags:

I'm in need of heavier interfacing though before I can begin sewing. All I have is lightweight and after using that on the bigger shopping bags, I think I'd rather have a heavier interfacing for these. No rush, they'll get done eventually! =) I think maybe making 3 at once was a mistake. That was a whole lot of cutting there! I've cut the main fabric for all 3 bags, lining fabric for 2 and still need to cut one more lining, then all the interfacing. My new sewing room table is so awesome for this! The size and height are perfect for cutting. =) But I should have learned after making two of the bigger bags that maybe one at a time would have been better. lol Ah, well. When I feel myself getting sick of cutting or sewing, I just stop and come back to it the next day... or whenever. This is all for fun. I'd never make it as a production seamstress!

This week, I've also been catching up with season 6 of the Great British Bake Off thanks to YouTube. If you like baking, you should definitely check it out! Of course it just makes me want to bake all the things!! lol

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