Monday, September 7, 2015

simple life - change is good (usually)

Sure, change doesn't always seem like a good thing in the middle of it, but often, changes can be really good for us! It's been a busy summer around here with some big changes. One major change in particular. I've moved on from my soul-sucking job and am now with a new company that so far has been going really well. =) I still work from home, it's awesomely flexible (I got to keep my 4 10s!) and the management has been very friendly and quick to respond to any questions. They also really value my input which is a welcome change. I even make a bit more which is nice, though honestly? I'd have made the move anyway. Mental health is worth more than money! I knew my last position was not the best fit for me, but I had no idea just how negatively it was affecting me until I made the change. Take my word, when your gut says don't do it... listen.

Life is too short to stay in any position that sucks the joy out of life be it a job, your living situation, a bad relationship or anything else. If you have something (or someone) in your life robbing you of your joy, I strongly encourage you to consider making a change! When you're open to a change, you may be very pleasantly surprised what doors open up for you. The company I'm with now was looking for someone to work onsite in their office, but when the recruiter passed along my resume and said, "just one problem, she only wants to work remotely" they said... "We'll make it work!" Funny how my location got me noticed, but it ended up not even playing into me getting the job. =)

What other changes have I been up to? I rearranged and reorganized my whole craft room! Now that I'm not stuck in there working (woo, laptop!), I have more space to play with. I also ditched the old, ugly table I was using as a desk/sewing table because the table I've been eyeing for over a year went on clearance! Combined with a coupon, I got a killer deal. =) I've been working on this room slowly, taking my time and I'm very happy with the results. I still want to paint, but I'm waiting until I make curtains to decide on colors. I still have a couple things to set up, but I'll record a video of my newly organized craft room soon.

Sadly, not all changes are great. I also lost my 18yo kitty Cosmo in July. At least he's back with his best buddy, Sebastian, who we lost 4 years ago. After Bash passed, Cosmo forced himself on Baxter who wasn't thrilled, but eventually gave in. We lost Baxter last Fall. The poor old guy has always been more of a cat-cat that a people-cat so he's had a rough year. He was a funny kitten. Even as a tiny puffball, he'd wander around the house mumbling to himself like a little old man. =) It's never easy to say goodbye to an old friend. I'll miss him dearly, but I know he's in a better place now, strong and healthy and hopefully leaving Baxter in peace. ;-)
Cosmo and Sebastian

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