Monday, September 14, 2015

simple life - getting smarter by getting dumber

I finally ditched my smartphone! It's been nearly a month now and I couldn't be happier with that decision. =)

I nearly ditched having a cell completely, but after checking rates for a home phone with long-distance included, I would only come out a few dollars ahead over keeping a basic cell with unlimited calling and texting. I'd also have had an activation fee and would have needed to buy a phone since I haven't had one in almost a decade... With that info, I pulled my old (dumb) flip phone out of the closet and switched my prepaid plan service to my basic phone again. No regrets!

I'm saving a hair over $11/mo which is nice but the real savings come in by not needing to replace my old smartphone! That's worth at least another couple hundred dollars in savings. =) The smartphone is only about three years old but has been having issues for awhile, restarting itself whenever it pleased and instantly draining the battery with no notice. So nice that technology is made to last these days... That old flip phone is from 2007 and still going strong! If the old flip phone ever dies, a replacement is around $35.

An added bonus to having a basic phone again? I've lost that urge to constantly check my phone! =D When I'm out and about with friends, I'm more present, less distracted. I had previously turned off the notifications on my phone so that cut down the checking, but I still checked social media more than I'd like to admit. Now, it's a much more conscious effort and much less frequent occurrence and when I'm away from home, impossible. =) Sure, texting is harder on a flip phone, but that's a small price to pay for less distraction I think.

Speaking of finding more money in the budget... I also called and made some adjustments to my auto insurance policies. My bill dropped by $29/mo! Whoop! =)

I've been trying to find those areas I can still shave a bit off of in my budget without making myself crazy. I mean really, I need a hobby budget, am I right?! lol

What are some things you've done to save?


  1. I can't believe you ditched your smartphone. I'm actually SAVING money over my past contract with a "dumb" phone! I have to tell you though, I get the whole being "present" at the dinner table (or wherever) because when DS1 is home... he's not really HERE.

    1. I honestly don't mind my dumb phone at all! And sticking with Verizon, the dumb phone was the cheaper option. They have some better family plans, but choices are limited with just one phone in the household. But... I've found another alternative that appears it'll be so cheap that it will more than make up the cost of a new smartphone. I may be rejoining the smartphone tribe soon, but I plan to keep my new habits in place. :-)


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